March 18th line-up: Bryant Hicks, Kevin O'Shea, Juan Medina, Clara Bijl, Brandon Stokes, Shanti Charan, and Nato Green. Hosted by Mike Spiegelman. 8:30 PM No cover.
8:30 No cover 21+
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    Next Show: January 8 


    We miss you Oakland! It’s been less than a month but we still miss having our arms around ya. 

    The Ladies will be Loving the Layover on Jan 8. 

    Ladies Loving the Layover this month

    Natasha Muse 

    Cara Tramantano 

    Anna Seregina 

    Kimberly Rose Wendt 

    Mary Van Note 

    and as always I will be your host Lydia Popovich 

  2. November 27th line-up

    Mike Spiegelman hosts Jules Posner, Daryus Monday, Kimberly Wendt, Jill Borque, Nicole Calasich, Sandra Rissler.