Hello Internet Lovers. 

The March show was remarkable. Something special happened that night between all of us girls and that room full of people. 

Huge thanks to all in attendance….The Ladies will never forget you. 

APRIL 9 is our next opportunity to love one another. 

Let these Ladies Love you…

Your ILLUSTRIOUS guest host this month is ….



Kelly is the fucking best. THE BEST. I can’t say enough good things about this incredibly funny woman. She’s the head writer at Hobo Pancakes, the wonder woman behind Femikaze, host of Up Yours, Downstairs podcast, the host of Monday night comedy at Farley’s East aaaand can get her husband to be the Peggy to her Joan on Halloween. I mean come on. Leave some room for the rest of us to underachieve. Dang.  

Follow her @thefatling


Clare O’Kane has something special. Something that other girls don’t have. It’s really HARD to put your finger on it without just wanting to wrap your hands around it and tug. It’s dark. It’s mysterious. Discover the mystery & wonder next Tuesday. 

Follow her @clareoklare


Karinda Dobbins is a Ladies Love regular. We featured her on the SF edition: Ladies Love the Punch Line and she absolutely smashed it. Her comedy is real, inspired, intelligent and all kinds of other adjectives that still don’t do her justice. Catch her while you can before she flies back to planet awesome. 

Follow her @KarindaDobbins


Suzy Vincent  has been disappointing audiences since the gang bang of ‘89, or at least that is what her website says. This is her first appearance at Ladies Love and I’m sure it won’t be her last. 

Follow her @thesuzyvincent


Nicole Calasich was recently introduced by a fellow comic as “a friend to everyone.” Here she is with a stranger’s dog. Instant friends. That’s how she rolls. Let her befriend you. 

Follow her @calasich


Gina Ritter  was one of the very first ladies to love the Layover. She’s finally back to delight us again with her tales of cranky mom-dom and stories so inappropriate you’ll blush. I can’t wait. 

Follow her @GinaRitter

Aaaand of course there’s me. Unfortunately I will NOT be in attendance this month. I will be performing at the San Francisco Punch Line. If you are in SF please join us for Comedy Stylings hosted and conceptualized by Mary Van Note. The concept is simple - Comics telling jokes in their favorite clothes. Genius right? 

In celebration, here is a picture of one of my fav pair of shoes.