March 18th line-up: Bryant Hicks, Kevin O'Shea, Juan Medina, Clara Bijl, Brandon Stokes, Shanti Charan, and Nato Green. Hosted by Mike Spiegelman. 8:30 PM No cover.
8:30 No cover 21+
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    Ladies Love the Layover: NEXT SHOW: September 11


    Women ARE funny!


    Ladies loving the Layover this month….

    Queenie TT is pure energy and sass. She wows audiences with her signature tales of plus-sized sisterhood. 

    Follow her @queeniettcomedy

    Alison Stevenson is 5 feet of pure style and sarcasm. Her dubious, insightful wit is the catalyst for uncontrollable giggles. 

    Follow her @JustAboutGlad

    Nicole Calasich  enjoys cats and doing comedy in the woods….just kidding guys she prefers doing comedy indoors at night like the rest of us. 

    Follow her @Calasich

    Amy Miller makes me want to be a better person. She’s the nicest lady in comedy aaaand one of the funniest. Her blend of storytelling and anecdotal humor delights me from the inside out. 

    Follow her @amymiller

    Gina Ritter has four sons and is still alive to talk about it. That’s why she calls herself “The Momster.” And she does talk about it, no holds barred…and it’s HILARIOUS. 

    Follow her @GinaRitter

    Aaaaand your headliner this month: 

    Clare O’Kane has a smirk and a twinkle in her eye that makes you wonder if she’s gonna steal your wallet or your heart. Either way, you end up kinda stoked because she’s so fucking charming you are just happy to be around her. 

    Follow her @clareoklare 

    And as always your host, Lydia Popovich represented here by this picture of an iced oatmeal cookie covered hash. 

    Follow me @hatertuesday

    More about our amazing sponsor: 

    Serving up a heavy dose of Sex that looks like our community.  Feelmore510 is leading the way with putting the Sexy back in Sex.  Located in the Uptown District of Downtown Oakland at 1703 Telegraph Ave.  From traditional adult products, vintage magazines/books, Vinyl Records, Vintage film and exquisite artwork from around the country. Open Mon-Tues Noon-9pm; Wed-Thurs Noon-Mid; Fri-Sat Noon-1:30am.

    Recently voted 2012 BEST of in 4 categories in the East Bay Express: Best Community-Minded Sex Shop, Best Sponsored Event (Womens Comedy @ the Layover), Best Local Film/Documentary for Hella Brown: real sex in the city, and Best Place to find out what to do in Oakland.  Our mission: To inspire people to lead socially and sexually empowered lives.  Look out for our new signature event: Feelmore Fridays: Erotic Film Night at the New Parkway Theater.

    Follow them @Feelmore510

    As always … 

    Ladies Love the Layover and we LOVE you. 

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  2. September 4th line-up

    Mike Spiegelman hosts Griffin Daley, Mean Dave, OJ Patterson, Leo Zinger, Jessica Sele, and Mr. Kaseem Bentley. Guest sets from Dhaya Lakshminarayanan and Johan Miranda. Fivetenburger will be there.

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    Our August show was so much fun. Big hugs and kisses to everyone who came out to love the Layover. The featured ladies brought the house down with riotous laughter. 

    Our amazing sponsor gave away some super cool prize packs and everyone got nice and toasted on a Tuesday night. 

    Join us for the next show on SEPTEMBER 11! 

    Never forget…..the Ladies Love the Layover

    And….the Ladies Love YOU! 


    The Ladies 

  4. September 2012 Layover Comedy Night Schedule

    LAST UPDATED: 8/22/12 

    Schedule subject to change.

    September 4th 

    Host: Mike Spiegelman

    Griffin Daley

    Mean Dave

    OJ Patterson

    Jessica Sele

    Kaseem Bentley

    Fivetenburger truck will be there.

    September 11

    Host: Lydia Popovich

    FeelMore510 Ladies Showcase

    September 18 

    Host: Mike Spiegelman

    Joe Tobin

    Raj Dutta

    Leo Zinger

    Stefan Davis

    Kate Willet

    Nina G

    Paco Romane

    Fivetenburger truck will be there.

    September 25

    Host: Mike Spiegelman

    Bert DiVierti

    Howard Stone

    DJ Real

    Jesse Elias

    Rebecca Arthur

    Contact: Mike Spiegelman,

    8:30 show. No cover. 21+. Tequila specials.
    1517 Franklin Street 
    Downtown Oakland, CA
  5. August 28th Line-up

    Stuart Thompson

    Ben Feldman

    Jesse Fernanadez

    Jerry Goldstone

    Kimberly Rose Wendt 

    Melanie O’Brien

    Guest set: Rebecca Arthur, Phillip, Joe Gleckler

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    August 21st line-up

    Richard Kiss

    Josef Anolin

    Michael Capozzola

    Nicole Calasich

    Anita Drieseberg

    Jules Posner

    Sandra Risser

    Guest sets: Loren Krout, Sean Sinha.

    Hosted by Mike Spiegelman.

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    We have a PHENOMENAL show lined up for August 14th at the Layover. Meet the LADIES…

    Priya Prasad is one bad bitch. Her sass and wit will charm you instantly. She’ll put you up on game, son. Follow her @pri4priya

    Leslie Small All the boys love Leslie Small…and rightly so. She’s a very pretty lady but that’s not why I love her. She’s funny. Real funny.

    Mary-Alice McNab
    Joie de Vivre, she’s got it. Bubbly and vivacious, her free spirited look at life will throw you into a giggle fit.

    We’ll be posting up more on the other 5 ladies in the coming days. Stop by and see us again sometime. Ladies Love the Layover and we LOVE you. We LOVE you so much we want to stay in touch with you. If you’d like to know who is performing each month, see awesome pictures, hear exciting news about our comics and special events - please sign up for our mailing list. We won’t sell your info or spam you. We just want to LOVE you. Sign Up
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    Ladies Love the Layover: August 14th 2012 
  8. August 7th line-up

    Scott Capurro

    Veronica Porras

    Charlie Winfrey

    Jeff Kreisler

    Jacob Samuel

    Rebecca Arthur

    Guest set: Bryant Hicks

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    July 31st line-up

    Natasha Muse

    Phil Johnson

    Lydia Popovich

    Ryan Cronin

    Joe Gleckler

    David Studebaker

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    NEXT SHOW 8.14.12


    Ladies Loving the Layover on TUESDAY AUGUST 14, 2012 

    Leslie Small 

    Kate Willett 

    Mary Alice McNab 

    Coree Gipson 

    Priya Prisad 

    We’ll be featuring each comic here in the coming weeks so you can get to know the ladies. Our headliner will be announced VERY soon. 

    See you at the Layover! 

    - The Ladies 

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Remember Nothing Beats a Fail but a Try!  Use all you have to get what you don’t have!


    Remember Nothing Beats a Fail but a Try!  Use all you have to get what you don’t have!

    (Source: feelmore)

  12. Ladies Love the Layover

    New Tumblr site from Lydia Popavich, your new host to the monthly women’s showcase!

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    July 24th line-up

    Alex White

    Joey Devine

    Brendan Lynch

    Tyler Hinz

    Rebecca Arthur

    Tessie Chua

  14. July 19th line-up

    Kevin O’Shea, Alex Koll, Mr. Scott Capurro, Eric Cash, Kelly Anneken and Ivan Hernandez.

  15. July 10th line-up

    FeelMore510 Women’s Comedy Night at the Layover

    Hosted by Melanie O’Brien 

    Caitlin Gill
    Dhaya Lakshminarayanan
    Kristee Ono
    Colleen Watson
    Kelly Annekan
    Kimberly Rose Wendt
    Yvette Fernandez

    No cover. 21+. Tequila specials.

    With DJ Selecta BC, Fivetenburger truck, Mike Spiegelman, and Nenna Joiner of FeelMore510 (pictured).

    FeelMore510: Oakland’s 1st Progressive Adult Store located in the Uptown District of Downtown Oakland. 1st Impressions are very important. Give us a try.