March 18th line-up: Bryant Hicks, Kevin O'Shea, Juan Medina, Clara Bijl, Brandon Stokes, Shanti Charan, and Nato Green. Hosted by Mike Spiegelman. 8:30 PM No cover.
8:30 No cover 21+
  1. December 4th line-up

    Hosted by Mike Spiegelman.

    Josef Anolin, Matt Lieb, Dave Thomason, Allsion Stevenson, Stroy Moyd.

  2. November 27th line-up

    Mike Spiegelman hosts Jules Posner, Daryus Monday, Kimberly Wendt, Jill Borque, Nicole Calasich, Sandra Rissler.

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    November 20th line-up

    Hosted by Mike Spiegelman. Ben Feldman, Gina Ritter, Eddy Jayson, Yvette Fernandez, Morgan, Drew Harmon, Chris Riggins.

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    “Communication” by Colleen Watson. Recorded Live at Ladies Layover in Oakland. 

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    Queenie TT handles a heckler @ Oakland Layover 

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    TUESDAY Nov 13!


    Our next show is TUESDAY NOVEMBER 13! 

    As always we start at 8:30 pm. 

    Ladies Loving the Layover this month are……

    Jenn Dronsky is absolutely adorable. She’s quirky and awkward in the most genuine of ways. Her humor is clever, endearing and totally enjoyable. 

    Follow her @JennDron

    Melanie O’Brien You know her as the former host of Ladies Layover. She’s lighting in a bottle - unpredictable, incredibly real and most of all FUCKING HILARIOUS. 

    Follow her @mellyobrien

    Kelly Anneken is the founder of Femikaze, an all female sketch group that’s been making East Bay laugh for almost 2 years. She’s an amazing comic and a phenomenal woman. 

    Follow her @thefatling

    Jessica Sele is relatively new to the comedy scene but not new to making people laugh. He infectious storytelling will delight you. 

    Follow her @jsele

    Clara Bijl is 5’ 7”, French and she loves you. She will enrapture you with her comedic tales of motherhood and marriage. 

    Follow her @clarabijl

    Your headliner this month….

    Sandy Stec is a total pro. She’s a morning show DJ on Star 101.3, she’s worked with Chelsea Handler, Richard Lewis and Dana Carvey and her proudest accomplishment was getting the fuck out of Milpitas. We are THRILLED to have her. 

    Follow her @sandystec

    Aaaaand our very special guest this month is…..

    Pippi Lovestocking is sweet as pie and funnier than a french bulldog in running shoes. I’m so thrilled she will be joining us. It’s a THANKSGIVING MIRACLE! 

    As always I will be your dutiful host keeping your spirits high and your laughs loud. I can’t wait to see your gorgeous faces, Oakland! 

    I’m represented by this picture of a cat in a pink sparkly top hat. 

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    S.F. election day parties for everyone - SFGate (fuck yeah!):

    Layover Comedy from Norm Hazzard, Karinda Dobbins, Brendan Lynch, Natasha Muse, Kaseem Bentley and Dustin Hempstead hosted by Mike Spiegelman to help ease the strain of election day along with burgers from FiveTenBurger. 8:30 p.m. Free. 1517 Franklin St., Oakland.

    Final Stand-Up Line-Up:

    • Mike Spiegelman (Comedy Day)
    • Norm Hazzard (Comedy Day)
    • Karinda Dobbins (Nick Moms Step Out, Comedy Day)
    • Brendan Lynch (Comedy Day)
    • Natasha Muse (Comedy Day)
    • Jesse Elias (Comedy Day)
    • Ryan Cronin (soon)
    • Special guest sets from Bert DiVietri and Sean Sinha.

    (FiveTenBurger will not be here tonight, returns next week for the Ladies Love The Layover Showcase)

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    Link: Election Comedy Night: Stand-up & Election Results | Oakland | FunCheapSF

    Final Stand-up Lineup:

    • Mike Spiegelman (Comedy Day)
    • Norm Hazzard (Comedy Day)
    • Karinda Dobbins (NickMoms Step Out, Comedy Day)
    • Brendan Lynch (Comedy Day)
    • Natasha Muse (Comedy Day)
    • Jesse Elias (Comedy Day)
    • Ryan Cronin (soon)
    • Special guest sets from Bert DiVietri and Sean Sinha.

    (FiveTenBurger will not be here tonight, returns next week for the Ladies Love The Layover Showcase)


    Mike Spiegelman hosts Norm Hazzard, Karinda Dobbins, Brendan Lynch, Kaseem Bentley, Ryan Cronin, and Natasha Muse. Guest sets from Bert Divietri and Sean Sinha.

  10. October 30th line-up

    Mike Spiegelman, Ben Feldman, Kristee Ono, Kaseem Bentley, Kevin O’Shea, Melanie O’Brien, Griffin Daley. Guest sets: Jason Thomas, Two Hot Mics. FiveTenBurger truck will be there!

  11. October 23rd line-up

    Kelly Anneken, Brendan Lynch, Rich Dreyling, Alex White, Two Hot Mics, Colleen Watson, Yvette Fernandez, Tammy Powers, and Mike Spiegelman hosts.

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    Sept 11th photos


    Start getting pumped by remembering some  of your favorite lady comics of shows gone by….

    Flicks from our September 11 show (Never Forget…Women Are Funny!) 

    Queenie TT

    Nicole Calasich

    Alison Stevenson

    Isa Hopkins 

    Amy Miller 

    Gina Ritter 

    Clare O’Kane 

  13. October 16th line-up

    Natasha Muse, Clara Bijl, Joe Gorman, Red Scott, Norm Hazzard, Steve Robinson, Mike Spiegelman, FiveTenBurger truck!

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    NEXT SHOW: October 9!


    It’s ROCKTOBER! This month we are celebrating women who multitask. Every woman on the bill this month is a spinner of many plates. They are rockstars. 

    Ladies Loving the Layover this month: 

    Nina G if you stutter, she’s an inspiration. If you play pinball, she’s gonna beat you. If you always dress cute and have great hair, so does she. What I’m saying is Nina is super smart and good at pretty much everything…including comedy. 

    Follow her @Ninagcomic

    Karinda Dobbins Glass ceiling? Karinda shattered it.  She is a mom AND a lesbian (Yes, you CAN be both.)  …..AND she’s black AND she works in the biotech industry. She’s also a freaking amazing comic with incredibly profound feelings on Nikki Minaj. 

    Follow her @KarindaDobbins

    Layla Baird’s jokes are brassy and intelligent. We don’t get to see her in Oakland nearly enough because she is busy knitting adorable caps for her Etsy store or being a super nanny. I cajoled her into driving up from San Jose just to entertain you. AREN’T YOU LUCKY! 

    She’s not on Twitter so feel free to just FOLLOW her around in real life until she is. 

    Stefani Silverman is a lawyer, a hair removal specialist AND a comic. It’s like she’s trying to steal ALL the jobs. G’ah. 

    Follow her @Stefsilverman

    Loren Kraut is deadpan and hilarious. She’s an OCD playwright with a unique gift to pull her audience deep, deep into the awkward. 

    Follow her @LorenKraut

    Anita Driesberg has sparkly blue eyes, flowing blond hair and German blood. When she’s not delighting audiences with her tales of spinsterhood, she’s drawing, painting and creating AMAZING graphic art. 

    Follow her @Sanfranita

    Liz Grant  has been doing comedy longer than most of us have had our period. She’s written for George Carlin’s, wrote and starred in her own show that ran for like 23 weeks and she’s a massage therapist. Oh also, SUPER HOT. 

    Follow her @Lizgrantcomic

    And our special guests this month ….

    Athena Rodriquez is a mom and possibly one of the most photogenic women in history. She is also joining us from the South Bay! 

    Follow her @Sheshinesforyou

    Alice Wetterlund joins us from LA …. She’s an actress, a comic and is in town for the SF Comedy & Burrito Festival. 

    Follow her @alicewetterlund

    Of course, I will also be there hosting the SHIT out of this amazing show. And as the song goes……If you don’t know me by now….you will never ever, ever, ever know meeeeeeee…..

    Here I am as drawn by Miss Anita….

    Follow me @hatertuesday 

    More about our amazing sponsor:

    Serving up a heavy dose of Sex that looks like our community. Feelmore510 is leading the way with putting the Sexy back in Sex. Located in the Uptown District of Downtown Oakland at 1703 Telegraph Ave. From traditional adult products, vintage magazines/books, Vinyl Records, Vintage film and exquisite artwork from around the country. Open Mon-Tues Noon-9pm; Wed-Thurs Noon-Mid; Fri-Sat Noon-1:30am.

    Recently voted 2012 BEST of in 4 categories in the East Bay Express: Best Community-Minded Sex Shop, Best Sponsored Event (Womens Comedy @ the Layover), Best Local Film/Documentary for Hella Brown: real sex in the city, and Best Place to find out what to do in Oakland. Our mission: To inspire people to lead socially and sexually empowered lives. Look out for our new signature event: Feelmore Fridays: Erotic Film Night at the New Parkway Theater.

    Follow them @Feelmore510

    As always …

    Ladies Love the Layover and we LOVE you.

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    We won’t sell your info or spam you.

    We just want to LOVE you.

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    October 2nd line-up

    Mike Spiegelman hosts Stefani Silverman, Nicole Calasich, Jay Harris, Ivan Hernandez, Joey Devine, Jill Borque. Plus FiveTenBurger! (line-up subject to change)